14 Jun 2018

As well as representing a human rights and humanitarian crisis in its own right, the ongoing Rohingya migrant crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh demonstrates the linkages between unresolved internal conflicts, mass displacement and wider instability in Australia’s region.


18 Dec 2017

The report is the result of interviews with more than 200 Rohingya refugees living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh, providing an opportunity for some of them to share their stories, hopes and experiences.


8 May 2017

Links between Bangladeshi and Southeast Asian extremists appear to be growing, fuelled by ISIS and increasing population movements across the region

Journal article

17 Mar 2017

This paper concludes that civil society organizations in Bangladesh are often politicized and co-opted by different political parties.


15 Feb 2017

250 million children under the age of 5 years who live in low-income or middle-income countries are at risk of not reaching their developmental potential. Significant cognitive delay in early childhood is associated with low ‘school readiness’, poor educational attainment, unemployment, social exclusion, poor health...

Working paper

31 May 2016


Outside the sub-continent, the bloodshed in South Asia 45 years ago has been too easily forgotten. In 2016, as the number of people displaced by the ongoing tragedy in Syria and Iraq passed the ten million mark after several years of civil...


21 Apr 2016

This Sunday marks the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1,136 garment workers. Each year, since the tragedy, a report card has been released monitoring the progress of the fashion industry and individual companies in improving the rights and...

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30 Mar 2016

Developing countries need to reform legislation to ensure the global supply firms in ready-made garment (RMG) industry is adequately addressing obligations of social responsibility. Literature typically focuses on strategies for raising responsible standards in global buying firms within the RMG industry, but fails to focus...


4 Dec 2014

Nepal, endowed with perennial rivers and mountainous topography, has enormous scope to generate hydroelectricity, but only one per cent of that potential has been realised.


The Himalayan river basins in the Tibetan Plateau Region provide a key source of water to...

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15 Jun 2014

The convergence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance (CG) has changed the corporate accountability mechanism. This has developed a socially responsible ‘corporate self-regulation’, a synthesis of governance and responsibility in the companies of strong economies. However, unlike in the strong economies, this convergence...

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12 Aug 2013

In most developing countries, the overall quality of the livelihood of labourers, work place environment and implementation of labour rights do not progress at the same rate as their industrial development. To address this situation, the ILO has initiated the concept of ‘decent work’ to...

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19 Jul 2013

Over the past decade human understanding of the potential variety and range of climate change impacts has expanded. For example, besides physical and environmental impacts it is clear that climate change is a driver of social change. This is particularly apparent through the creation of...

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1 Jan 2009

Microcredit is advocated as a development tool that has the potential to reduce poverty, empower participants, and improve health. Results of several studies have shown that the extreme poor, or the ultra-poor, often are unable to benefit from traditional microcredit programmes and can, as a...

Journal article

30 Oct 2008

Bangladesh is one of the signatories to the Millennium Declaration 2000, of which, improving maternal health is one of eight goals. Along with the global targets of reducing maternal mortality rate by three quarters between 1990 and 2015, Bangladesh has set some additional targets for...

Journal article

1 Jan 2007

This dissertation is based on a field study of an alternative schooling program, CHOLEN, in Bangladesh. The purpose was to seek a clearer understanding of an alternative education model known as 'accelerated learning', where the time required for learning is much shorter than in conventional...


14 May 2006

While some developing countries have begun researching male-to-male sexual activities and interests, many gaps exist in the understanding of sexual networking within MSM populations, and between MSM populations and wider populations.

This study was commissioned by Family Health International (FHI) and undertaken by the...



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