Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault

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24 June 2015

This report examines factors associated with child sexual abuse perpetration and what it can tell us about prevention strategies. 

22 July 2014

Provides reflections on Australia's efforts in primary prevention of violence against women and offers suggestions for the next steps to continue the momentum.

2 July 2014

This paper reviews research around alcohol use in sexual assaults that are perpetrated in circumstances of socialising and sexual interactions.

4 June 2014

A lack of gender equality is consistently cited as an underlying determinant of violence against women, according to this report.

10 May 2014

People who have been sexually abused as children are two to three times more likely to be sexually revictimised in adolescence and/or adulthood. This paper explores the complex array of variables...

25 March 2014

This paper explores statistics about the prevalence of female sex offending and outlines the impacts on victims of sex offences by women, as well as issues related to disclosing the abuse.

21 February 2014

This paper provides an overview of complex trauma as a response to chronic sexual victimisation and considers what this means for services and service configurations, as well as the implications...

10 December 2013

Misconceptions about male sexual assault have a substantial impact on under-reporting. This resource sheet identifies research and data that dispel four of these misconceptions.

25 July 2013

This resource sheet provides an overview of the existing research on women's experiences of sexual harassment and street harassment. It also considers conceptual models of sexual violence that...

Briefing paper
11 October 2012

This summary provides an evidence-based summary of the key issues involved in program design in primary prevention initiatives.

It is targeted at those working in the...