Environmental law


12 Apr 2018

A small environmental organization has taken on Germany’s powerful auto industry in court and has begun winning limited bans on heavily polluting diesel vehicles. Some analysts say this may be the beginning of the end for diesel automobiles in Germany and the European Union.


25 Oct 2017

Environmental law in Australia has not only been expanding but also becoming more centralised. This paper emphasises one aspect of environmental law - the listing and protection of threatened species - and analyses potential reform directions.


31 Aug 2017

This summary presents the key proposals that emerged from APEEL’s efforts to develop a ‘blueprint’ for the nextgeneration of Australian environmental law.


19 Jun 2017

Summary of results from a survey, conducted by Environmental Justice Australia, to feed into reform of the Environment Protection Act and EPA.


Published with the assistance of the New Zealand Law Foundation
28 Feb 2017

This report aims to explain the role and importance of enforcing compliance of environmental law in New Zealand.



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