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The AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES is published by the Australian Social Policy Association to provide an inter-disciplinary forum for debate on significant and controversial social policy issues. It deals with questions of social justice as most broadly defined. Articles discuss particular social issues, review conceptual problems, present empirical studies and debate policy alternatives. The journal is editorially independent of the Association and the universities to which editors and contributors are affiliated.

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29 October 2015

In many developed countries, the provision of disability services has undergone significant transformations, from institutional to community based care, and from organisational to personalised...

Bray, JRob
Gray, Matthew
Hand, Kelly
Katz, Ilan

Australia has been experimenting with constraining the ways in which welfare recipients can spend their income support payments, limiting their ability to access cash and purchase some products. The policy objectives include to reduce spending on alcohol, gambling, pornography and tobacco in...

Payne, Jason
Weatherburn, Don

Criminologists and other developmental researchers have long acknowledged the importance of both continuity and change in antisocial and criminal behaviour over the life‑course. To the extent that young offenders having contact with the police will persist with offending into adulthood...

Chamberlain, Chris
Johnson, Guy

How many Australians have experienced homelessness during their lifetime and how many people have slept rough? This paper draws on evidence from a random sample of the Australian population to answer these questions (N=1349). First, we explain the methodology for the research. Then we focus on...

Petersen, Maree

There is limited understanding of the nature and extent of older women's homelessness in Australia and how it can be alleviated. The aim of this project is to ascertain the combination of program and housing models that is likely to be most effective in addressing older women's...

Wiesel, Ilan
Pawson, Hal

Historically, social housing in Australia operated as a springboard for social mobility. For many working families, public housing tenancy was an opportunity to save for a house purchase deposit. Latterly, tenant exits from public to private housing have declined to very low levels. This has...

Mays, Jennifer

This article is based on a historical-comparative policy and discourse analysis of the principles underpinning the Australian disability income support system. It determines that these principles rely on a conception of disability that sustains a system of coercion and paternalism that...

Henman, Paul
Foster, Michele

In many developed countries, the provision of disability services has undergone significant transformations, from institutional to community based care, and from oganisational to personalised funding. Yet delivering disability support remains an ongoing challenge for governments. Specifically,...

Smyth, Bruce
Rodgers, Bryan
Son, Vu
Vnuk, Maria

The Australian Child Support Scheme aims to ensure that children continue to be supported financially should their parents separate or never live together. Sweeping changes to the Australian Child Support Scheme were introduced between 2006 and 2008, featuring a dramatically different system for...

Tilse, Cheryl
Wilson, Jill
White, Ben
Rosenman, Linda
Feeney, Rachel

This article provides evidence of the prevalence of wills and the principles underpinning the intended distribution of estates in Australia. Intentions around wealth transfers and the social norms that underpin them occur in the context of predicted extensive intergenerational transfers from the...