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10 January 2017

This report outlines findings from an audit that was conducted in order to assess the transparency of the Australian aid program at the project level as of mid-2016, as measured by the...

Blog post
7 October 2015

Emergency care has an image problem: in the context of low and middle income countries, it is often characterised as being too expensive, too complex and too much of a luxury to gain much traction...

Discussion paper
1 June 2015

This paper examines data from a household survey undertaken in Papua New Guinea which found that when respondents were better educated and believed corruption would be addressed by the government...

Briefing paper
10 December 2014

Papua New Guinea (PNG) must adjust to lower liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil prices to avoid a crisis. The PNG LNG project is still extremely important for the country, but because of lower...

14 November 2013

This paper focuses on how effective economic reform emerged in Africa and proposes reforms that could be taken up by governments and aid donors in the Pacific to accelerate economic development...

21 January 2013

This submission is written by Professor Stephen Howes, Director of the Development Policy Centre and Mr Jonathan Pryke a researcher at the Centre. Professor Howes has twenty-five years of...

Video lecture/presentation
22 November 2012

Ms Pires explains, drawing from its own experience in achieving social stability and rapid growth, Timor-Leste’s pioneering role in the establishment of the g7+, a group of now 18 fragile states...

31 May 2012

Considering 119 democracies for the period 1970-2009, there seems to be evidency to suggest that, over recent decades, countries with higher shares of women in parliament have had faster growing...

8 May 2012

An important public policy question is whether improved targeting of public spending will necessarily result in more or more cost-effective poverty reduction.

In an...

5 March 2012

The historically imposed and continuing top-down nature of the formal health system in PNG is not capitalizing on potentially positive incentives and motivations inherent in the broad range of...