Just Policy: A Journal of Australian Social Policy

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Santos, Beatriz
Webber, Ruth

The civil war in El Salvador in the 1980s prompted many to flee the country. The Australian government under the 1951 UN Convention and 1967 Protocol accepted individuals and granted them refugee status. In this paper the authors shed light on some of the long-term settlement experiences of 14...

Ainsworth, Frank
Hansen, Patricia

While this paper focuses on recent amendments to the New South Wales (NSW) care and protection and adoption legislation, it is the view of the authors that the 2006 changes, and recently announced new policy directions, may have implications for other States and Territories. Indeed, given the...

Edwards, Taegen
Fritze, Jess
Wiseman, John

The article explores the effects of community wellbeing and social justice due to climate change. It is suggested that all efforts to address health risks due to climate change should be scientifically based and consider ethical issues.

Gibilisco, Peter

This article primarily focusses on the 'Third Way', and its approaches towards social inclusion and exclusion. The 'Third Way' is a political model that its supporters argue encapsulates the best of both old left and new right politics. As such, it is regarded as the rebirth...

Taket, Ann

Review(s) of: Silencing Dissent: How the Australian Government is Controlling Public Opinion and Stifling Debate, by Clive Hamilton and Sarah Maddison eds. (2007) NSW, Allen and Unwin.

Cauchi, Stephanie

Review(s) of: Bills of Rights in Australia: History, Politics, Law, by Andrew Byrnes, Hilary Charlesworth and Gabrielle McKinnon.

Alston, Margaret
Dietsch, Elaine
Davies, Carmel
Shackleton, Pam
McLeod, Margaret

The hurdles that Australians living in remote areas face due to a lack of birthing facilities and associated financial burdens are examined. The Australian government introduced a 'Baby Bonus' in 2004 to solve the problem of the declining birth rate as well as to compensate for the...

Black, Roslyn

The need for better education for improved personal benefit and quality of life is discussed. The research programs conducted by the Education Foundation identify the issues that and may help to improve conditions for students.

Cunningham, Teresa

In the Northern Territory restorative justice practices were implemented in 2000 as part of the Juvenile Pre-Court Diversion Scheme which was aimed to divert juveniles from the formal court process wherever possible. This Scheme was developed in response to the need to more adequately address...

Douglas, Julie
Carson, Ed
Kerr, Lorraine

Local government involvement in local economic development in Australia has been constrained by two major factors: the lack of familiarity with the role of local governments; and the application of a relatively narrow definition of the economic development terminology itself. Both the...

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