Journal of Family Studies

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Smyth, Bruce M
Vnuk, Maria
Rodgers, Bryan
Son, Vu

Child support compliance continues to be a thorny policy issue. In Australia, major changes to the Child Support Scheme were introduced between 2006 and 2008, featuring a markedly different and purportedly 'fairer' system for the calculation of child support. Extra resources were also...

Torres, Nuno
Verissimo, Manuela
Monteiro, Ligia
Ribeiro, Olivia
Santos, Antonio J

Many studies reported that father involvement is associated with a wide range of developmental outcomes; however, evidence is weaker when controlling for correlated mother involvement and when using different informants to assess father involvement and children development. Our study aimed to...

Xu, Qiong
O'Brien, Margaret

Explicit display of emotion has not been a central part of fatherhood cultural norms in China. Historically a strict, emotionally remote and authoritarian father figure has been favored. Through a study of fathers and teenage daughters aged 13-17 conducted in Shanghai during 2008-2009, this...

Rios-Salas, Vanessa
Meyer, Daniel R

Using cross-sectional data from the National Household Surveys (2004-2012), this study presents the trend in child support receipt in Peru over this period and factors associated with child support receipt. In both descriptive and multivariate logit analyses, the likelihood of receiving support...

Cuesta, Laura

In this study I examine the food insecurity experiences of custodial-mother families in Colombia and the extent to which child support receipt helps prevent uncertain or limited access to adequate food. Using data from the 2008 Quality of Life Survey, which has detailed information to calculate...

Skinner, Christine

Western capitalist economies have an established history of dealing with the pressures arising from social change, such as; increasing rates of divorce and separation; rising numbers of lone parent families and greater labour market participation rates among women. However, there remain many...

Everri, Marina

The main goal of this paper is to observe how family interactive reorganizations (micro-transitions) are amplified by adolescent children's transition to high school (macro-transition) and reverberates through the whole family system involving parents and siblings. In-home video-recorded...

Estlein, Roi
Theiss, Jennifer

This study examined how similarities and differences between spouses' parenting styles are associated with characteristics of their marital relationship. First, we explored the extent to which husbands and wives are similar or different in their attitudes about and communication of parental...

Sevon, Eija
Malinen, Kaisa
Ronka, Anna

What makes daily life in families with young children harmonious, and are there better and worse times? Applying a daily approach, the present study examined one week in dual-earner families with young children, with special focus on families that reported either a harmonious or a disharmonious...

Adamson, Michelle
Blight, Elizabeth J

Problem eating is common during childhood, though much of what is known is based on maternal report. The current study aimed to compare mother and father reports of child mealtime difficulties and associated parenting, by surveying parents of normally developing 1.5-6-year olds. Two samples were...

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