Space industry


13 Jun 2018

The first of July 2018 marks an important day for Australia’s quest to become a more important actor in space, with the creation of an Australian Space Agency. For the first time, Australia looks to have direction, coordination and focus in its endeavours beyond Earth....


11 Jun 2018

This report outlines why Western Australia would be an ideal home for the Australian National Space Agency, citing WA's geographic advantages and expertise in the space industry, which both align with the objectives of the Australian Space Agency.


7 Jun 2018

This report argues that Australia’s new space agency should consider establishing projects with the United States that help build-out Australia’s domestic space industry and align with America's strategic goals.


22 Feb 2018

Australia is approaching an important window of opportunity to change our approach to the use of space for defence and national security purposes and, more broadly, to the establishment of a sovereign space industry


21 Nov 2017

This report has been prepared for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS). The terms of reference for this work are set out in Appendix A. It was prepared before the announcement that the Commonwealth Government will establish an Australian Space Agency.

Discussion paper

3 Aug 2017

The Australian government has announced a review of Australia’s space industry capability, to enable our nation to capitalise on the increasing opportunities within the global space industry sector.



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