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30 May 2013

This report discusses changes in South East Queensland's geography of population and employment and the impacts on commuting, with a view to providing a solid evidence base about the trends that have been shaping the region in recent years.


5 Feb 2009

Until now, information on the wealth of regions has not been freely available. The main contribution of this study is to fill that gap by providing new information on household wealth for Australia’s regions.


1 Dec 2008

Tasmania’s economic performance has experienced changing fortunes over the past two decades. This development provided a unique opportunity to investigate the drivers of this change and to find out if there are lessons for regional policy.

Briefing paper

15 Nov 2005

This paper presents and analyses statistical information relating to social capital in Australia and its regions. It also explores the relationship between social capital and the economic and social wellbeing of Australia's regions.

Briefing paper

5 Jun 2005

This information paper makes a case for the adoption of taxable income as an indicator of economic activity in Australia's regions. It presents statistical analyses and case studies to demonstrate the superiority of taxable income over either population or employment as an indicator of regional...

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2004

This report presents and analyses a range of statistical information about skills, education and employment trends in Australia’s regions over the period 1991 to 2001.

Discussion paper

15 Nov 2003

The distribution of a region's economic activity across industries is considered a major determinant of the region's level of income, the resilience of its economy and its ability to grow. This information paper presents and analyses statistical information about the industry structure of employment in...



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