French Polynesia


8 Jun 2016

The Pacific is home to some of the countries most at risk from the effects of climate change. It is now also home to countries that are leading the world in reducing their fossil fuel consumption and shifting to renewable sources of electricity generation.


10 Jun 2015

This thesis has been undertaken in order to identify causes and consequences of the phenomenon of language shift and attempt to provide means to minimise its impacts. The Mangarevan language has been exposed to other language influences since the mid-19th century - as a result...


27 Nov 2014

The purpose of this thesis is to analyse the main contributors to the decline in tourist numbers in French Polynesia as seen by tourism and hospitality professionals. Tourism being the main source of revenue for the French territory, a serious analysis of the current situation...


15 Aug 2009

This report examines tourism and its contribution to poverty alleviation in the Pacific, focusing mainly on what existing literature can tell us about the nature and scope of tourism in the region and its contribution to development, constraints to tourism, and the roles of key...


20 Feb 1837

In 1837 a British Parliamentary Select Committee published a report on the situation of Aboriginal peoples across its colonies around the world including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Pacific Island Countries, South America and Africa. A second version of this report was subsequently produced in the...



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