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20 March 2017

This report recognises the weight of evidence from Australia and overseas that proves policing is singularly unsuccessful in reducing harms or changing drug use habits.

5 November 2014

Now that the acute phase of boat arrivals appears over, this paper urges all parties to use this opportunity to construct an overarching national asylum and refugee policy for the long term.

15 November 2012

This report looks at how soon and how seriously will the combination of climate change and continuing growth of population and the economy disrupt Australian wellbeing?

11 July 2012

This report follows from a Roundtable discussion held in July 2012 to consider new approaches to public policy about illicit drugs in Australia.

3 April 2012

Asking 'What are the likely costs and benefits of a change in Australia's current policy on illicit drugs?', this is the report of a high level roundtable held at the University of Sydney on 31...

18 March 2009

Australian states have seen a recent upsurge in antisocial behaviour, including violence, in public places. This report looks at causes and potential solutions.

5 December 2008

The declining health and wellbeing of young people has implications not only for how we deal with specific current concerns such as child abuse and neglect, obesity, media sexualisation of...