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8 March 2017

This study looked at the determinants of student satisfaction and academic outcomes at university, with a focus on equity group differences.

28 February 2017

This research study examines regional student participation and migration by use of novel data sources and analytic techniques. The data and techniques utilised within the study provide insights...

14 February 2017

This report applies statistical modelling and geo-mapping to existing data, contributing to current literature as well as indicating an ongoing advancement from discrete categorisation to...

21 November 2016

Since the 1980s, Enabling Pathways have been one of the main ways that prospective students from low-SES backgrounds have been able to enter into universities. These programs, often known as...

1 November 2016

This roadmap highlights, in an accessible way, some existing and emerging digital technologies and their potential to create deeper and authentic learning opportunities in school and post-school...

Briefing paper
17 October 2016

Provides an update on domestic undergraduate student enrolment and equity outcomes from 2008 to 2015.

12 August 2016

This research highlights that selected universities have been active in creating pathways to be inclusive of refugee background students.

25 July 2016

This report details the findings of the Enabling programmes for disadvantaged student groups project, which was funded as part of the Australian Government Department of Education and...

25 May 2016

The number of students with disability in higher education is increasing. National data reveal differences in the retention and success of these students across Australian higher education...

9 May 2016

This paper reports on a study conducted in 2014 and 2015 that explored the accessibility of eLearning for students with disabilities studying fully online in Australia.

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26 August 2015

In a time of rapid growth in the Australian higher education system, resulting in expanded opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, it is critical to understand which...

8 June 2015

Over 40,000 children now require kinship care, foster care, and residential care in Australia. As these children turn 18 and leave the out-of-home care system only one per cent will transition to...

12 March 2015

People who spent time in out-of-home care before the age of 18 are subsequently referred to as care leavers when they transition out of the system.  This report argues that three reforms are...

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