2014 Most Viewed - Research

The ten most popular research publications from all Policy Online topic areas during 2014, based on the number of page visits.

1 May 2014

Intended for staff, students and health practitioners, this book offers a comprehensive examination of issues and strategies influencing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and...

Discussion paper
18 November 2014

Research produced by organisations in government, academia, NGOs and industry (grey literature) plays a key role in public policy. However, finding and accessing policy information is a time-...

18 February 2014

This research paper details the experiences of 29 asylum seekers who were released from immigration detention in Australia into community-based arrangements with no right to work and limited...

18 June 2014

ALIA has set out to investigate the big questions about the future of libraries: How will libraries remain relevant for users? What changes will institutions and individuals in the sector...

Briefing paper
24 February 2014

Youth unemployment has risen across the country, and now sits at 12.2% nationally.