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7 March 2017

Morning Report put together a panel of under 45s to talk about the new policy to increase the age of entitlement for the pension from 65 to 67.

30 January 2017

This report analyses the effects of immigration on New Zealand and how these effects should be considered in the immigration debate.

21 November 2016

This report aims to foster a serious discussion about the role of central and local government and makes a number of policy recommendations to provide a practical means of making local government...

21 October 2016

The public is constantly told income inequality is rising and the government should do something. This report seeks to explain why inequality matters, even though it has barely changed.

14 September 2016

Presents an overview of all fisheries management systems in New Zealand as they have developed, focusing in particular on recreational fisheries, their existing management challenges and solutions...

18 August 2016

New Zealand’s interest-free student loan scheme has not achieved its policy objectives and fails to help students from poorer backgrounds access tertiary education, according to this report.

2 July 2015

Over the past years, we have become used to Europe's debt crisis. However, the fiscal problems of countries such as Greece are only the tip of the iceberg. Europe's crisis has much deeper roots....

22 August 2014

Describes what could develop in the future housing market if the current rate of construction fails to increase.

24 July 2014

A collection of statistical data on population developments in New Zealand.

30 April 2014

The New Zealand Initiative’s series on global financial links has found that New Zealand has an overly restrictive regulatory structure on inward capital flows, particularly relating to land.