Arts policy


20 Jul 2018

This strategy document outlines the cultural change and collaborative actions required over the next four years, across a range of council services, to create a thriving social, cultural and economic future for the City of Port Phillip.

Data portal

12 Jul 2018

The Electorate Profiles online resource is the latest addition to the Australia Council's strong body of research about the arts, which is publicly available on the Arts Nation research hub. This new interactive resource provides information on arts and culture in each of Australia’s 150...


22 Jun 2018

Melbourne is a highly creative city that recognises the role creativity plays in expressing our identity, creating a sense of belonging and transforming our economy. The expiry of the city's Arts Strategy 2014–17 provides a fresh opportunity to take a new look at creativity, bearing...


15 Mar 2018

This paper is intended to serve as a prompt for Arts Council England’s consultation activity over the forthcoming months, with the intent of provoking a conversation with arts and cultural organisations about the changing context for their work.


12 Oct 2017

This study examines the impact of matched crowdfunding as a new means of getting ideas and projects off the ground, through analysis of a £251,500 matched crowdfunding pilot for arts and heritage projects.


Background statistical paper
2 Aug 2017

Private sector support for the arts in Australia, highlights the essential role philanthropy and corporate sponsorship plays in the sustainability of the Australia’s creative sector.

Research report

Analysis of artists, audiences and the general public survey responses
15 May 2017

The purpose of this report is to provide an assessment of the economic impact of the City of Melbourne’s investment in the arts through its Arts Melbourne branch.

An unique approach to this research was undertaken with three different stakeholder groups being surveyed to...


15 Apr 2016

Creative State is the Victorian Government's strategy to strengthen and grow the state's creative industries and the value they bring to Victorians.

Research report

Report of the mural, street art and graffiti review project
1 Nov 2014

The aims of the report are to review the City of Sydney’s current policies and practices towards graffiti and street art, and to make recommendations about how these policies and practices could be improved.


4 Nov 2013

Last year the Australian Bureau of Statistics did the maths – government spends about A$7 billion annually in Australia on arts and culture. The exact dollar figure varies depending on what we count, but it includes heritage, broadcasting and botanical gardens, along with all the...


23 Aug 2013

Using econometric modelling Kate MacNeill, Jenny Lye and Paul Caulfield examine the relationships between Australian federal government arts expenditure and the political persuasion of the government and government reviews of the arts and cultural sector. Their research adds to a number of international studies that...


9 Nov 2011

Telling our own stories through the arts is obviously a good thing, writes Andrew Ford in Inside Story , but what does it mean in practice?

IT was refreshing, earlier this year, to read a discussion paper from the office...

Discussion paper

19 Aug 2011

This discussion paper is a step towards the development of a new Australian national cultural policy.

Consultation began on a National Cultural Policy in 2009, and has involved the arts and culture sector, creative industries, the public at large and government. This has informed...

Briefing paper

22 May 2009

This paper provies an overview of Commonwealth arts policy and administrative developments from Federation to the present day. It covers:


From Deakin to McMahon

The Whitlam Government

The Fraser Government

The Hawke Government

The Keating Government


Research report

25 Sep 2008

The aim of this D'Art topic was to assist in locating organisations similar to NAVA in other countries, ie: non- government organisations with a focus on policy development (eg taxation, copyright, government priorities and programs) and service provision (eg information, advice, research and publication of...


7 Aug 2008

Using estimates for the three levels of government, this publication provides information on Australian public funding for arts and cultural activities, facilities and services for the three years from 2004-05 to 2006-07. This publication contains estimates of Australian public funding for arts and cultural activities,...

Research report

20 Jul 2007

In this monograph, Jennifer Craik undertakes a critical and historical analysis of the main imperatives of arts and cultural policy in Australia. With forensic skill she examines the financial and policy instruments commonly relied upon in this much contested and diverse area of public policy....

Research report

20 Jun 2007

The report summarises responses to a D'Art query about a number of research-related issues, such as whether research is undertaken by agencies in house or contracted externally, whether an agency has a dedicated research unit or a library, and the number of staff and financial...


30 Oct 1994

Released in 1994 by then Prime Minister Paul Keating, Creative Nation was the first time an Australian federal government formally developed a cultural policy. $250 million in additional funding was promised to cultural institutions.

The report emphasised culture's importance to national identity,and defined culture...



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