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12 Jul 2018

The Electorate Profiles online resource is the latest addition to the Australia Council's strong body of research about the arts, which is publicly available on the Arts Nation research hub. This new interactive resource provides information on arts and culture in each of Australia’s 150...


12 Apr 2018

Cultural Data Online is an initiative of the Meeting of Cultural Ministers Statistics Working Group, which manages a national program of cultural data collection, research and analysis, funded collaboratively by the Australian, state and territory governments through the Meeting of Cultural Ministers.

The Meeting...


22 Feb 2018

This book provides a wide-ranging exploration of contemporary craft production, situating practices of amateur and professional making within a wider creative economy.


18 Jan 2018

The Australian Government notes the report by the Environment and Communications References Committee (the Committee) Game on: more than playing around .

The Government has also responded to the Senate Economics References Committee’s report on the Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System. In its response,...

Draft report

15 Jan 2018

Creative Barkly is a three-year Australian Research Council Linkage project (2016-2019) that aims to investigate the arts and creative sector in the Barkly, and how it contributes to economic and social development in the region.

Research report

The future of Australia's video game development industry
29 Apr 2016

This Senate report provides an overview of key aspects of, and developments in, the Australian video game development industry.


15 Apr 2016

Creative State is the Victorian Government's strategy to strengthen and grow the state's creative industries and the value they bring to Victorians.

Journal article

30 Oct 2015

The creative city proposition has proven highly attractive to policy makers and urban managers all over the world. Creative cities are construed to be dynamic places characterised by diversity, openness and tolerance. As a specific manifestation of this ethos, festivals are equally positioned temporal manifestations...

Working paper

19 May 2015

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are at the crossroads of arts, culture, business and technology and can be defined as those economic activities that strongly rely on individual creativity, skills and talent and in principal produce intellectual property in contrast to material goods or immediately...


9 Apr 2015

This chapter in "The Handbook of Service Innovation" discusses design integration programs which aim to increase the competitiveness of business through the application of design services and design thinking within the business model.

Research report

Report of the mural, street art and graffiti review project
1 Nov 2014

The aims of the report are to review the City of Sydney’s current policies and practices towards graffiti and street art, and to make recommendations about how these policies and practices could be improved.


31 Oct 2013

The creative economy could fuel Australia's next boom

By Stuart Cunningham , Queensland University of Technology

Australia is richly blessed with an abundance of resources which, along with robust legal, business and political infrastructure, has allowed it to pull through tough times on...

Research report

A new programme – a new cultural policy as well?
10 Jul 2013

This study provides an overview of central changes in European Commission cultural support beginning in 2014 and presents criticisms put forth by civil-society stakeholders and members of the public.

Research report

19 Aug 2010

What does the Australian census tell us about how artists earn their living?

Comparatively speaking, today we live in a statistical paradise, with local and global data on just about any aspect of the production, distribution and consumption of culture. The data capture, mining...


15 May 2010

This report deals with two aspects of measuring the economic influence of cultural industries. One describes how to capture direct and indirect effects of a cultural activity or an investment, and the other how to attempt to see cultural economy as part of national accounts....

Research report

24 Jun 2009

Unlike much of the work in the field that concentrates on organization career development and knowledge management, this paper takes an industry sector perspective.

The creative industries are recognised as playing a crucial role for our post-industrial economic well being. Dance plays a central...

Research report

4 Dec 2008

This survey report reveals increases in foreign production and co-production activity, particularly TV drama. The survey covers all Australian and co-production titles made each year, as well foreign titles if they are shot in Australia or do post, digital or visual effects (PDV) work here....


15 Jun 2008

This guide is presented in a workshop format and steps users and participants through techniques for gathering information to assess the economic value, tourism impact and benefit of cultural tourism in a destination.

Research report

18 Mar 2008

This statistical snapshot brings together the latest data on Australia's dynamic arts and cultural sector. How many Australians, including Indigenous Australians are working, participating and volunteering in the sector? How much are Australians spending on arts and culture and what is the impact of the...

Conference paper

30 Nov 2007

This paper contributes to recent debates about how urban policy discourses travel, whether they are transferable and what is lost in their translation.



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