Environmental refugees

Blog post

20 Dec 2017

Among the various drivers of risk in the world today, two stand out: climate change and rapidly rising levels of inequality. While each by itself has serious consequences for achieving development goals, their convergence has become a subject of heightened attention.

The convening of...


10 Nov 2017

This Quick Guide gives a brief history of negotiations under the Climate Change Convention, followed by an overview of the Paris Agreement and Australia’s contribution to the Agreement.


9 Nov 2017

Australia’s critical window of opportunity to tackle climate change is closing, with a this report revealing Australia is falling behind the rest of the world and failing to tackle climate change, as pollution levels continue to rise.

Briefing paper

2 Nov 2017

Supercharged storms, more intense droughts, rising seas and other impacts of climate change all magnify existing vulnerabilities and the likelihood of displacement, disproportionately affecting low-income countries, women, children and Indigenous peoples.

Policy report

26 Oct 2017

The Law Council of Australia considers that any regional responses to the flow of asylum seekers into and within the Asia-Pacific region must comply with the agreed standards set out in international legal instruments.

Journal article

8 May 2017

This article examines how policy changes could improve outcomes for Kiribati migrants to New Zealand.


27 Apr 2017

This Samoan study explores people’s experiences and understandings of climate change, including whether and how climate-related factors have influenced internal and international mobility patterns in the last 30 years. This interdisciplinary village and family-based study combined a Samoan worldview which acknowledges the place of traditional...

Research report

13 Dec 2016

Executive summary

A stable and prosperous Pacific Islands region is essential for Australia’s security and foreign policy. Australia is investing significant amounts of aid in the development of the region with very mixed results. The economic, demographic, governance, and climatic challenges the Pacific...

Briefing paper

15 Oct 2016

This briefing explores climate-induced migration and displacement, which is seen to be falling between the policy gaps. Existing international frameworks and national policies are yet to make the crucial link between climate change impact on the frequency and intensity of extreme climate events, environmental degradation...

Research report

31 Aug 2016

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Nonresident Fellow in the Migration and Border Policy Project Dr Khalid Koser argues that the international protection regime is failing and Australia has a responsibility to help fix it. Koser defines how promoting reform, at the domestic, regional and global...

Journal article

1 Jan 2016

This journal article suggests that voluntary labour migration can promote economic development in migrant sending and receiving countries and can be a positive adaptive response to the effects of climate change.


15 Nov 2015

This document answers questions about migration, displacement, and planned relocation in the context of climate change, and suggests recommendations for COP21 in Paris.


15 Sep 2015

Australia and New Zealand are surrounded by some of the most vulnerable countries to climate change on earth. The Australian and New Zealand governments need to fully recognise the dangers facing Pacific Island countries and territories, and work hand-in-hand as a united Pacific towards solutions....

Journal article

19 Jul 2013

Over the past decade human understanding of the potential variety and range of climate change impacts has expanded. For example, besides physical and environmental impacts it is clear that climate change is a driver of social change. This is particularly apparent through the creation of...


31 Aug 2012

Low-lying atoll countries are currently amongst the first nations to experience the effects of climate change, such as drought, loss of fresh water, rising sea-levels, coral bleaching and stronger storms. The environmental condition in low-lying Pacific countries such as the Republic of Kiribati is affecting...

Research report

5 Apr 2012

This report marks the conclusion of an ADB-financed technical assistance project launched to generate policy responses to migration stimulated by climate-related factors.

It represents the first significant effort to identify policy and other responses to impacts of environment events on human mobility...


20 Mar 2012

The vulnerability of Pacific Island countries to climate change has been the subject of significant media coverage, including Kiribati’s recent request that its people be moved to Fiji to avoid rising seas.

However, despite this widespread awareness, until recently there has been limited reliable...


29 Apr 2011

It’s time for international leadership in better coordination of programs and efforts and increased capacity building in the Pacific Island nations, writes Lesley Russell

THE impact of the environment on health and the health consequences of global warming...


27 Nov 2008

The link between climate change and migration is more complex than it might seem, writes DAVID CORLETT in this extract from his new book, Stormy Weather: The Challenge of Climate Change and Displacement.