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12 Dec 2018

The national broadcasters are operating in a manner consistent with the general principles of competitive neutrality. However, changes should be made to increase the transparency of their business activities, and how they consider issues of competitive neutrality and their participation in media markets.

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13 Aug 2018

The federal government will again review the efficiency of the national broadcasters—the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Special Broadcasting Service—ahead of their next round of funding. The Commonwealth funds the national broadcaster on three year contracts and the next funding will be announced for the three...


3 May 2018

The focus on the ABC raises questions about the motives behind the inquiry, and how it might benefit anti-ABC crusaders, including Pauline Hanson.

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26 Apr 2018

This inquiry is operating in the context of rapidly changing media markets. Boundaries between traditional media markets are dissolving, new platforms exist for distributing news and entertainment, and revenue streams are changing. Consumers are adopting new forms of media rapidly, and the increased competition between...


30 Nov 2016

Some have questioned Senator David Leyonhjelm’s demand that in return for his support on the government’s bill to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission, the public service media organisations ABC and SBS be required to hold regular community forums. Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young described...


1 Dec 2014

The Government commissioned the ABC and SBS Efficiency Study to identify potential savings from the many "back of house" functions of the public broadcasters' operations. This included administration, use of equipment, property and technologies.

The Study was undertaken by the Department of Communications with...



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