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4 Jan 2016

In disallowing the inaccuracies of memory to infiltrate stories of war, one condemns oneself to remain forever blinded by the obvious, shielded from the invisible violence that often lurks beneath the visible. Following Žižek, this article posits that invisible violence should be glimpsed indirectly, through...

Working paper

4 Dec 2015

Having spent the last five years studying the organization and aesthetics of citizen protest against oppressive power structures in the Middle East and Africa, we find ourselves in agreement with the description of the protests as “staged.” But the criticism of such staging reflects a...


13 Jun 2012

Pinkwashing is "the attempt by a state or people to highlight its treatment of gays to show how progressive it is, in turn covering up human rights violations from which it wishes to detract attention‟ (Ryan 2012). It has repeatedly been used by western powers,...

Journal article

1 Jan 2009

This dissertation titled: "Capacity of the Governance Structure of Palestine to Undertake Local Economic Development" focused on two main areas of research, (1) the central-local government relationship (centralization vs. decentralization) and how this relationship affects the capacity of local governments to undertake local economic development;...



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