North Carolina

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1 Jan 2011

The purpose of this research is to compare the quality of life of North Carolina's urban and rural counties based on traditional measurable variables, and to analyze how regional development has enhanced both quality of life and economic development in both urban and rural counties....

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1 Jan 2009

Creative economy projects appear appropriate for sustainable rural development, but the benefits and challenges of initiating a creative economy in a rural setting are not well understood. Descriptive data and qualitative research with artists, planners, and residents of Chatham County, North Carolina, suggest that, in...


1 Jan 2008

Small Towns, Big Ideas is the result of an intensive, yearlong effort to identify and document the stories of small towns that are surviving - and in come cases, thriving - as hubs of civic and economic activity.

This publication includes stories about planning...

Journal article

1 Jan 2006

We gauge the relative impact of economics, demographics, and politics on the decisions of 79 rural North Carolina counties whether to site a prison in the period 1970-2000. The results of this model demonstrate that, contrary to the expectation that counties site prisons in response...



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