AHURI Research & Policy Bulletin

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9 Jun 2016

The study examines whether the diminishing supply of affordable housing options for lower income central city workers is having an impact on central city businesses and on the overall productivity of those economies.

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21 Aug 2014

More Australian home owners are using housing equity withdrawal to unlock financial resources to fund living expenses, especially in retirement. Policy is needed to address potential adverse consequences of these strategies.

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23 Mar 2012

This report reveals findings on the potential relevance of models based on Community Land Trusts (CLTs), one form of hybrid tenure, for the Indigenous housing sector.

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1 Jan 2012

Many of Australia's rural and regional centres have not been immune from the housing crisis that has been widely acknowledged within metropolitan Australia. This study found that the suite of housing programs being rolled out nationally has had a variable and often muted level of...

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7 Oct 2011

Opportunities for training and volunteering can assist women living in public housing to enter or re-enter paid work. However, income-based rents, poor security and stigma associated with public housing may present significant obstacles to working. This Research and Policy Bulletin provides details of the key...

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25 Oct 2010

Encouraging private investment in affordable housing Australia has been recognised as a major challenge by researchers and policy-makers for some time and this has generated considerable work on possible models.

One successful model of private investment in the large scale provision of rental housing...