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Working paper

27 Feb 2018

Australians have embraced data-intensive applications, such as video-on-demand (VOD) services. Households now reasonably expect that they will be able to use these applications on demand, at any time of day— and, by implication, that infrastructure, networks and services will have the capacity to deliver this....


The relationship between education and technology for students with disabilities
22 Feb 2018

This report details findings of the Curtin University Teaching Innovation funded project Internet of Things (IoT) Education: Implications for Students with Disabilities. This project aimed to provide insight into both the potential risks and benefits of the IoT for tertiary students with disabilities, particularly in...

Discussion paper

14 Feb 2018

The Digital Built Australia policy primer outlines a suite of policy recommendations for building greater productivity within the construction sector and accelerating the reduction of built environment related greenhouse gas emissions through the greater adoption of technology and data solutions.

The policy document proposes...


15 Dec 2017

This report is designed to help the industry understand its audience, and to inform anyone interested in the place that screen stories have in a modern, online Australia.


11 Dec 2017

Examines the ways in which digital technology has already changed children’s lives and life chances – and explores what the future may hold.


29 Nov 2017

This report covers key and useful metrics for analysing and understanding the Internet, grouped around three topic areas: access, trust and creative potential.

Annual Report

17 Oct 2017

This report includes the 2016–17 annual reports for the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.


The Australian digital inclusion index 2017
1 Aug 2017

The 2017 Australian Digital Inclusion Index provides the most comprehensive picture of Australia’s online participation to date.


18 Nov 2016

A fall in the proportion of Australian internet users accessing unlawful content online and a rise in the uptake of streaming services are the key findings of the 2016 online copyright infringement survey.

The results of Australia’s second survey of online copyright infringement, showed...


17 Oct 2016

This report by the Bureau of Communications Research provides an overview of the communications sector’s impact and influence as a critical enabler of economic and social activity in Australia.

The report discusses three main developments that are affecting the sector, including the merging of...


6 Sep 2016

In under twenty years communication tools and the internet have been central to changing the way we live and work. This infographic looks back at how our use of communication technology has changed since 1998.


1 Feb 2016

This policy focuses on how to improve the migration process for customers and minimise disruption to their national broadband network (NBN) services. It also identifies people who may need extra support to migrate before the disconnection date. It features a statement and framework that set...


28 Oct 2015

The Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Annual report 2014–15 offers an in-depth look at the various changes in the ways the ACMA has been working with industry and consumers to deliver strong outcomes and best practice in telecommunication services and relevant consumer protections, spectrum management...


1 Jun 2015

New survey results indicate that marketers are misrepresenting a large majority of Americans by claiming that Americans give out information about themselves as a tradeoff for benefits they receive. To the contrary, the survey reveals most Americans do not believe that ‘data for discounts’ is...


19 May 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had access to a seamless flow of information via the internet? Whether you worked in a metropolitan area or a remote farming region, the software or data needed to keep your business running efficiently could be downloaded quickly and...


18 May 2015


The Australian commercial free-to-air television industry plays a critical role in the Australian media ecosystem.

The industry generates $3.2bn per annum of economic surplus, due in large part to the fact that it is delivered to viewers for free, but also...

Discussion paper

28 Apr 2015

Australian government recently passed a bill on a new data retention plan that obliges telecommunications providers to keep customers' communications metadata for two years in order to provide national law enforcement and security agencies with resources necessary for fighting cyber crime. In this white paper,...


27 Mar 2015

Nearly all adult Australians now go online, and we’re getting digital in a range of ways—from social and work interactions to business transactions and shopping, according to new ACMA research. Australians’ digital lives, the first of two complementary reports in the ACMA Communications report 2013–14...


16 Nov 2014

Imagine a city where everything from the cars to the street lights to the traffic bridges are connected. Where censors and beacons pepper the urban environment.

Imagine a city where all of those internet-connected objects are networked, giving the metropolis a second layer of...


27 Aug 2014

Provides analysis of the costs and benefits of increased access to very high‐speed broadband, arguing that while there are net benefits to that increased access, they will only be realised by efficient investment, operation and pricing.


This report presents the results...



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