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12 Sep 2018

This report examines Indonesia’s role in the evolving Indo-Pacific regional order. Bringing together a mix of leading Australian and Indonesian authors, it offers a state-of-the-art analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing Indonesia’s economic, security and diplomatic role in the Indo-Pacific.


29 May 2018

Over the past year, there has been a growing interest in the vision of a “free and open Indo-Pacific”. While the term Indo-Pacific has enjoyed growing use over the last decade among analysts and policymakers in the United States and Australia, a number of more...


22 May 2018

This special report reviews and assesses potential terrorism hotspots in the Indo-Pacific region and offers some policy recommendations for the Australian government.

Research report

13 Mar 2018

On Indo-Pacific matters, the Labour Party-led government, headed by Jacinda Ardern, will no doubt take a lead from Australia’s maritime strategic vision. Its primary focus however, will continue to be on the Asia-Pacific component of the region, particularly the South Pacific.


8 Mar 2018

The erosion of long-standing Australian aid programs in many neighbouring countries means less development, poorer health outcomes, more poverty, and greater deprivation, writes Penny Wong.

Research report

1 Mar 2018

The proposed Quadrilateral Security Initiative 2.0 is an informal maritime alliance of the United States, India, Japan and Australia, which primarily involves co-operation in the Indo-Pacific.

Research report

15 Feb 2018

This report reviews the evolution of Russia’s strategic and defence engagement in the IndAsPac. It also critically reviews Russia’s regional defence strategy, including threats perceptions, and principal vectors of regional engagement, predominantly through its active defence diplomacy.


8 Feb 2018

Recent policy and academic writing on women in the Pacific has focused on the barriers women in the region experience when seeking to participate in formal politics. This paper contributes to the small body of work that seeks to explain how some women defy these...


5 Dec 2017

The Third Offset strategy is perceived as a solution to matching the US defence budget with US strategic ambitions — to find means of sustaining its military-technological advantage in this new era of great power competition. For Australia, the Third Offset’s success or failure will...

Briefing paper

13 Nov 2017

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a blueprint for a China-centric order in the Indo-Pacific. Australia requires policy flexibility to successfully navigate the regional changes caused by China’s gamble on BRI.


25 Oct 2017

In an era of rising Chinese power and ambition, America’s position in Indo-Pacific Asia is at risk of decline not through war but due to inattention.

Research report

4 Sep 2017

As the concept of the 'Indo-Pacific' region has increasingly gained momentum, there remains many opportunities and challenges for India to regionally integrate and realise the concept of the Indo-Pacific.

Research report

29 Aug 2017

If the Indo-Pacific is to be a ‘complete’ region that addresses both economic and security concerns, governments now need to invest in creating an Indo-Pacific economic architecture.

Research report

10 Aug 2016


Changes to global energy framework over the next two decades will have profound geopolitical implications, even if the fuel mix does not change radically. These trends are magnified in the Indo-Pacific region which is becoming a much more important energy consumption centre...

Research report

4 Sep 2015

This report examines the implications of sea-based nuclear weapons for strategic stability in the Indo-Pacific.

This paper is part of a wider research and outreach project on nuclear stability in a changing Indo-Pacific Asia, supported by a grant from the John D. and Catherine...

Discussion paper

30 Aug 2015

This paper addresses the question of whether the US rebalance to the Indo-Pacific is good for Australia. It overviews the considerations that drove the policy and identifies the broad strategies being pursued by the US. The paper details the steps being taken to realise the...


13 Jul 2015

In 2014, the Minister for Foreign Affairs launched a new development policy that changed the way Australian aid is to be delivered. Increasing engagement with our private sector, both in Australia and in developing countries, promoting gender equity and refocusing on the Indo-Pacific region is...

Research report

23 Jun 2015

In this Lowy Institute Report Nonresident Fellows Linda Jakobson and Rory Medcalf identify both the real differences in interests between China and other powers in the Indo-Pacific, but also the sharp divergences in perceptions regarding China’s maritime strategic objectives.

Key findings


Journal article

11 May 2015

The ACER Centre for Global Education Monitoring supports the monitoring of educational outcomes worldwide. Ray Adams explains how the Centre’s systematic and strategic collection of data on educational outcomes, and factors related to those outcomes, can be used to inform policy aimed at improving educational...



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