South Asia


10 Apr 2018

China needs to increase its presence in South Asia for strategic and economic reasons. However, it needs to contend with an established American presence in some regional countries and a growing presence in others.

Book review

2 Apr 2015

Review of Asia Britain: A Photographic History by Susheila Nasta and Florian Stadtler which chronicals the histories of South Asians and their descendants in Britain through extensive public archival and private photographic material.


25 Jan 2013

Executive summary

From activists in Egypt to coffee farmers in Colombia, the Internet has transformed the lives of billions of people. It functions as a gateway to ideas, resources, and opportunities that never could have been realized before, let alone fathomed. All around...


28 Jun 2012

Since 2008, the Australian Government has increased the tempo on investigating and understanding these crimes, and the Australian Institute of Criminology’s research and monitoring program is part of this effort.

The Government has introduced new legislation to crack down on trafficking slavery and servile...

Conference paper

18 Mar 2011

Taking bearings from critical currents of thought in south Asia and black Africa and beyond, this paper discusses some of the differences in how postcolonialism is read from place to place in the light of local politics and culture.

The paper makes a case...



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