Indigenous Peoples' Policies

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of Australia and Māori, as tangata whenua and Treaty of Waitangi partners in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

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  • constitutional reform, land rights, treaties and reconciliation
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  • health, social care, wellbeing.

Indigenous Peoples' Policies


29 Nov 2018

The committee focussed its efforts on the central proposal for constitutional change made in the Statement from the Heart - the proposal for a First Nations Voice. The committee has also been mindful of the need to ensure that its recommendations are legitimate and acceptable...


23 Nov 2018

Many Indigenous communities in the USA have used tribal self-determination and access to land to build an economic base and deliver benefits to their people.

While the circumstances in the USA differ from both Australia and New Zealand, two US experts believe that some...


13 Nov 2018

We have a long way to go in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

The Federal government regards economic empowerment as a key way of raising indigenous living standards.

And the Indigenous Procurement Policy (or IPP) is a central plank in...


Results from the New Zealand Mental Health Monitor & Health and Lifestyles Survey
30 Oct 2018

This report uses Māori mental health data from three population surveys to highlight findings about whanaungatanga and belonging, cultural connectedness and reconnection, and cultural identity for Māori mental wellbeing.

Journal article

29 Oct 2018

This study reports on the contemporary health and wellbeing status of New Zealand high school students at specific timeframes over an 11‐year period. The health status of Māori secondary school students is compared to European students (the dominant ethnic group) to explore health disparities over...

Working paper

26 Oct 2018

This paper explores some of the key factors that are impacting on Indigenous business development, including issues about the economics of discrimination and remoteness. The paper also outlines policy implications that arise from the analysis.


25 Oct 2018

The ABA Homelands Project is making a $40 million infrastructure investment into Northern Territory homelands/outstations. Indigenous providers will be approached to submit applications to deliver pre-approved infrastructure works. The ABA homelands project guidelines have been developed to give providers information on:

The purpose of...

Data portal

19 Oct 2018

This search tool provides easy access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health literature on the PubMed database.

This project developed a health search filter that enables the user to search the worldwide PubMed database and confine their search to articles about Aboriginal and...

Data portal

19 Oct 2018

The Closing the Gap Clearinghouse was a COAG initiative that was jointly funded by all governments and delivered by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Family Studies. It was a central online source of research and...

Data portal

19 Oct 2018

The Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet is an innovative Internet resource that aims to inform practice and policy in Indigenous health by making research and other knowledge readily accessible. In this way, the HealthInfoNet aims to contribute to ‘closing the gap’ in health between Indigenous and...

Discussion paper

8 Oct 2018

This discussion paper is designed to inform the national consultation process about the value, role, scope and form of a National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Authority (NIACA).


25 Sep 2018

This research paper provides an overview of the key mechanisms by which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders can exercise their rights to land and waters in Victoria.


Department of Communications and the Arts reconciliation action plan 2018–2019
24 Sep 2018

This Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlines the actions the department will take to improve opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. The development process was led by the department's Indigenous Staff Network and RAP Working Group and helps to strengthen relationships with Aboriginal and...


7 Sep 2018

The Northern Territory Government is developing a world-class National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs, celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art from across the country and supporting the economic development of the town.

Audio interview

3 Sep 2018

The Policy Shop is a podcast at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

The right to self-determination and recognition feature prominently in debates surrounding Indigenous peoples in Australia and indeed around the world.

In this episode New Zealand Māori constitutional lawyer, Dr Moana Jackson...


1 Sep 2018

The ACT government is currently conducting a review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the ACT child protection system. This interim report oulines a number of recommendations that have already been made.


29 Aug 2018

The Ngaga-dji project voices the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Victoria’s youth justice system.

Journal article

23 Aug 2018

From a critical First Nations standpoint, Irene Watson reflects upon the significance and legacy of the Commonwealth of Australia’s 1967 referendum.


22 Aug 2018

This project took an iterative, inductive, community-oriented approach to investigate Aboriginal health workers’ (AHWs) cancer understandings and practice needs. This report details the findings and recommendations.


10 Aug 2018

In February 2018, the South Australian Government signed an agreement with the Narungga Nation, as a significant milestone towards Treaty.

Negotiations also occurred in 2017-2018 with the Adnyamathanha and Ngarrindjeri Nations.

In February 2017, Dr Roger Thomas was appointed as Treaty Commissioner to...