Cultural and creative sector

Research report

24 Jun 2018

A qualitative analysis of the cultural and creative industry sector in Tasmania.

Research report

24 Jun 2018

Quantitative analysis of existing cultural and creative industry data for Tasmania.


23 Mar 2018

This research, undertaken by market research agency, MTM London, looks at the current and future demand for repayable finance in the UK’s arts and cultural sector.

Research report

Report of the OMC (Open Method of Coordination) working group of Member States’ experts - Study
22 Mar 2018

The innovative power of the cultural and creative sectors is essential for the further development of European economies and societies.


Background statistical paper
2 Aug 2017

Private sector support for the arts in Australia, highlights the essential role philanthropy and corporate sponsorship plays in the sustainability of the Australia’s creative sector.

Research report

28 Feb 2017

Based on a survey conducted in 2016, the data in this study reveals that the small-to-medium (S2M) visual arts sector employs over 2,000 people, puts $100 million into the economy and produces 26,000 new art works each year - with a budget worth just 0.03%...

Research report

30 Sep 2015


The International Arts Activity – Australian Arts Sector report highlights the value of a strategic approach to international arts development and explores the existing activity and future priorities of the sector.

The report was part of a significant body of research...

Working paper

19 May 2015

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are at the crossroads of arts, culture, business and technology and can be defined as those economic activities that strongly rely on individual creativity, skills and talent and in principal produce intellectual property in contrast to material goods or immediately...

Research report

15 Jan 2014

This report builds on and complements the already rather extensive literature on the potential of cultural and creative sectors in the European Union.

Research report

28 Mar 2013

Scholarship is readily seen as a requirement in higher education and is not commonly associated with vocational education and training (VET) institutions. However, the increasing prevalence of VET institutions delivering higher education qualifications has raised questions as to the place of scholarship in these institutions....

Research report

16 May 2012

This two part report considers the impact of school-arts partnerships on student engagement, student voice, social learning, creative skills and arts-related knowledge and skills.

Arts Victoria and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) commissioned research and evaluation of partnerships between schools...

Research report

10 May 2012

The review aimed to identify any barriers or impediments that may exist in Australia with respect to private sector support for the arts.

It recommended strengthening existing government initiatives to encourage private support and considering some new initiatives such as tax breaks for testamentary...

Research report

4 Apr 2011

Supporting the international activities of artists and arts organisations is a key function for many national arts funding agencies. In order to investigate this area of arts policy and identify key issues that affect the programs and priorities of such agencies, the International...

Research report

16 Dec 2010

Australia's Arts and Entertainment Sector underpins cultural and social innovation, improves the quality of community life, is essential to maintaining our cities as world class attractors of talent and investment, and helps create ‘Brand Australia’ in the global marketplace of ideas (QUT Creative...


29 Oct 2010

Australia's theatre sector is described as alive, various, glorious, messy, idiosyncratic and even world class. But is it vibrant? Chris Mead from Playwrighting Australia says yes, and no…

Australia does not yet have a vibrant theatre culture, certainly not when measuring it against the...


13 Jul 2010

This survey tracked the value of sponsorships and donations to Australian not-for-profit arts organisations in 2008-09 and provides some preliminary findings.

Snapshot of the current situation

For the 2008-09 financial and 2009 calendar years:

Overall private support for the arts was...

Journal article

13 Dec 2009

As a result of expanding employment opportunities, there has been a marked increase in the required skill levels and the technical expertise expected of visual resources professionals.

The results of a survey of visual resources professionals, the core competencies revealed and the next phases...

Research report

23 Jul 2009

In late 2008, Arts SA funded a sector-wide consultation to determine the service needs of the disability and arts sector and to identify the most appropriate model for the delivery of these services

, as well as the continuation of key programs that have...


10 Oct 2008

The national action plan is a framework which Australian, state and territory governments can use to assess their existing programs, consider new directions and identify new partners to support Indigenous contemporary music, at a pace and level which suits the budgets, situation and timelines of...

Research report

25 Sep 2008

The aim of this D'Art topic was to assist in locating organisations similar to NAVA in other countries, ie: non- government organisations with a focus on policy development (eg taxation, copyright, government priorities and programs) and service provision (eg information, advice, research and publication of...



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