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JAMA Network Open is a general medical journal, spanning the broad spectrum of medical science and clinical care, innovation in health care, health policy, and global health. This will include studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of a new treatment or policy, perhaps in a new group of individuals, as well as studies that clearly show current treatment or care is ineffective and thus potentially harmful in terms of wasted resources and potential adverse effects.

More than 40 topic areas of interest are enumerated in our instructions to authors. We invite reports of studies using a wide range of methods, including randomized clinical trials and trial protocols; meta-analyses; cohort, case-control, and cross-sectional studies; economic, decision analytic, and comparative effectiveness evaluations; genetic association, diagnostic, prognostic, and quality improvement studies; reports of case series and surveys; and qualitative and implementation sciences studies. Advances in statistical methods and use of big data now allow for studies that address important questions when randomized clinical trials may not be feasible because of ethical, financial, or logistical barriers. We will publish studies on innovative pioneering methods to improve human health and groundbreaking models for health care.

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20 Jul 2018

A growing body of evidence suggests that contact with nature, often referred to as green or blue space (ie, vegetated areas or water bodies), is associated with multiple health benefits. Recent reviews identify various mechanisms that may underlie the observed associations. In addition to encouraging...