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Journal article
31 March 2017

Tests the association between news exposure and anti-Muslim prejudice in a diverse national sample from New Zealand.

Journal article
9 March 2017

Examines seasonal variation of manic and depressive symptoms in bipoloar disaorder research.

Journal article
23 January 2017

Children are exposed to clusters of risk which affect their language development. This paper identifies distinct groups of children based on a range of risk exposures and explores the service...

Journal article
30 November 2016

This paper uses a data set of more than 4,000,000 commuter flows as the basis for an empirical approach to the identification of megaregions. The results provide a new perspective on the...

Journal article
28 September 2016

An investigation into how birds avoid mid-air collisions during head-on encounters, with the findings potentially applicable to the design of guidance algorithms for automated collision avoidance...

Journal article
13 April 2016

This paper aims to estimate the consequences of an additional 20% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) on health and health care expenditure.

Journal article
3 March 2016

Knowledge and understanding about how the Earth functions and supports life create the foundation for ecological literacy. Industrialisation, urbanisation and population growth have resulted in...

20 January 2016

The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors outlines their proposed requirements to help meet ethical obligations to responsibly share data generated by interventional clinical trials...

Journal article
15 January 2016

Clinical evidence has shown that physical exercise during pregnancy may alter brain development and improve cognitive function of offspring. However, the mechanisms through which maternal exercise...