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Ball, Rhys

Review(s) of: Relentless strike: The secret history of joint special operations command, by Sean Naylor, Published by: St Martin's Press, New York, 2015, 560pp, US$29.99 (hb)....

Rabel, Roberto

Review(s) of: Australia and the Vietnam war, by Peter Edwards, Published by NewSouth Publishing and the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2014, 338pp, $59.99.

Hensley, Gerald

Review(s) of: Unholy fury: Whitlam and Nixon at war, by James Curran, Published by Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2015, 232pp, A$39.99.

O'Brien, Terence

As a trading nation, New Zealand depends upon more than just entrepreneurial flare or skilful government trade negotiators. Reliable, dependable and rewarding trade ties evolve on the bedrock of political relationships with other governments. They depend as well upon New Zealand sharing the...

Jacobi, Stephen

Since 1983 New Zealand and Australia have pursued the goal of deeper economic integration. This 'trans-Tasman togetherness' has been driven by the CER agenda, which was revolutionary and achieved its immediate goals five years before schedule. CER developed into the Single Economic...

Ross, Ken

The global diplomacy performance of New Zealand prime ministers can best be measured by their interaction with the South Pacific. Wellington needs our closest family - our South Pacific neighbours - on our team willingly when we do high-quality global diplomacy. Since 1945 there have been four...

Key, John

New Zealand's future is in being an open, outward-facing country, welcoming of people and ideas from other countries, and part of wide-reaching global supply chains. Immigration and tourism are bringing people to New Zealand in record numbers. The former bring investment and new ideas, the...

Neumann, Klaus

Many of the features of today's global refugee crisis, including its quantitative dimensions and some of the factors precipitating it, are not new. The media's and policy-makers' focus on the presumed novelty of forced mobility in the 21st century may make us overlook the fact...

McMillan, Stuart

Europe's problems have been compounded by rising tensions between Russia and Europe and Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. These have been exacerbated by a number of developments, including Russian annexation of Crimea and intervention in Syria. Sanctions have been imposed...

Battersby, John

Terrorism continues to be a major security concern around the world. New Zealand has avoided the worst to date, but it is probably only a matter of time. Unfortunately, New Zealand terrorist-related legislation is geared to historic events, not fit for the purpose of combatting modern terrorism...

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