24 Jul 2018

This paper traces the course of the change in the Pakistan-US relationship, to assess the outlook for a relationship that remains critical to US efforts in Afghanistan and beyond.


5 Apr 2018

The Sino-Pakistani relationship was forged out of a common desire to limit India. It has since grown beyond that goal, even though it continues to underscore the relationship. The danger for Pakistan, however, is that it could grow over-dependent on China.


15 Feb 2017

250 million children under the age of 5 years who live in low-income or middle-income countries are at risk of not reaching their developmental potential. Significant cognitive delay in early childhood is associated with low ‘school readiness’, poor educational attainment, unemployment, social exclusion, poor health...

Audio podcast

23 Jun 2016


For this episode of Sub Rosa podcast, Kate Grealy spoke with Shakira Hussein, a researcher at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute and author of the recently released book From Victims to Suspects: Muslim Women Since 9/11 .

We discussed her...

Working paper

31 May 2016


Outside the sub-continent, the bloodshed in South Asia 45 years ago has been too easily forgotten. In 2016, as the number of people displaced by the ongoing tragedy in Syria and Iraq passed the ten million mark after several years of civil...

Briefing paper

1 Dec 2015

This report seeks to decenter the dominant discourse of criminality and gang-violence which has become wedded to Lyari Town, Karachi, Pakistan.

The study builds upon the insights and analyses of scholars who have sought to interrogate the state of affairs in Karachi but also...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

Islamisation of laws in Pakistan has been severally explained as a revival of Islam, as the implementation of the vision of Pakistan formulated as Objective Resolution in 1949 passed by the Constituent Assembly soon after its independence in 1949. It is justified as a requirement...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

Pakistan is a country much in focus today. This is not just because of the myriad challenges it confronts. It is also because of its immense potential. A nuclear armed nation, with an overwhelming Muslim majority population, it is often in the news, but, alas,...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

In this essay I will concentrate on economics, my discipline and the one that I have practised not only in Pakistan but in four dozen countries around the world. However, I have learned from this experience that economics should not be separated from other social...

Discussion paper

15 Oct 2015

In recent years, Pakistan has seen a major shift in its foreign and defence policy orientation taking political pundits by surprise. This shift is an outcome of the domestic changes occurring in Pakistan as well as a rapidly changing global world order. At the core...

Discussion paper

13 Oct 2015

As a middle income, developing country, and despite being overwhelmed by internal conflicts, political instability and a lack of governance, Pakistan has remained an active international actor in global politics. For its critics however, it is this prominent international role – especially during the long...


24 Sep 2015

Not much is known about the ways in which assessment data have actually been used in education policy to date. Understanding the role of assessments in informing system-level decision-making is a first step towards helping stakeholders improve the design and usefulness of assessments. Moreover, this...

Journal article

26 Jul 2013

Canada is often characterized as a multicultural country with two official languages associated with two official population groups: the national majority of white, anglophone Canadians and the national minority of white, francophone Quebecers. Racialized minorities, including immigrants, are situated as the third node in the...

Conference paper

2 Dec 2011

The State of Australian Cities (SOAC) national conferences have been held biennially since 2003 to support interdisciplinary policy-related urban research. This paper was presented at SOAC 5held in Melbourne from 29 November – 2 December 2011.

SOAC 5 was hosted by the University of...



8 Feb 2008

Global security would be well served by changes to the role of the military in Pakistan, argues MARKO BELJAC.

THE HEAD of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed El Baradei, has expressed concern that “nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of an...



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