Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

There is growing awareness of the importance of local knowledge (e.g., locals’ spatial needs, perspectives, and desires) in improving planning deliverables. However, this improvement depends on the availability of local knowledge. This article’s objective is to compare the capabilities of public participation practices and anthropological...


30 Nov 2016


This special report examines how government, business and the community in four nations share information about organised crime. Its key finding is that the Australian Government, businesses and community as a whole must be open to new kinds of information sharing partnerships....


31 Oct 2016

The relationship between Australia and Israel is warm and close, despite occasional problems.

Australia has always been seen as friendly by Israel, although it’s rarely been a major focus of policy efforts in Jerusalem.

While there’s a mutual recognition of shared values and...


21 Jun 2016

Uses Israel's recent wars to identify issues relevant to the Australian Army’s preparation for future conflict.


Israel is in a state of continuous conflict, frequently of the armed variety, and not uncommonly achieving levels of violence that qualify as war. Significant...


16 May 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has welcomed Australia’s current economic transition, calling it an ‘exciting time’ for the country and an opportunity for innovators.

But as the mining investment boom ends, are the foundations in place for a stronger, more diversified Australian economy?


Journal article

4 Jan 2016

In disallowing the inaccuracies of memory to infiltrate stories of war, one condemns oneself to remain forever blinded by the obvious, shielded from the invisible violence that often lurks beneath the visible. Following Žižek, this article posits that invisible violence should be glimpsed indirectly, through...

Working paper

4 Dec 2015

Having spent the last five years studying the organization and aesthetics of citizen protest against oppressive power structures in the Middle East and Africa, we find ourselves in agreement with the description of the protests as “staged.” But the criticism of such staging reflects a...


27 Nov 2015

This report makes evidence-based findings about how current levels of translation, commercialisation and collaboration in Australia could be improved and examines how international models could be applied in Australia.

Journal article

8 Aug 2013

Abstract : In this paper, I wish to explore the apparent unrepresentability of some forms of extreme experience. Following a line of thought expressed by Steiner (that some experiences must remain unspoken because they are too traumatic for words) and Caruth (that some experiences...


13 Jun 2012

Pinkwashing is "the attempt by a state or people to highlight its treatment of gays to show how progressive it is, in turn covering up human rights violations from which it wishes to detract attention‟ (Ryan 2012). It has repeatedly been used by western powers,...


6 Mar 2012

The stand-off on Iran’s nuclear program has reached a new crescendo this week after President Obama’s speech to the powerful Jewish lobbying group the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at its policy conference on 4 March 2012. This speech was followed by a meeting...

Journal article

1 Jan 2011

Rural economic development as a lergest part of agricultural development could be developed as an autonomous unit of government in rural area. Rural development could be done by self-supporting through the strenghthening of local organization function with a set of norms and supported by available...



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