15 October 2014

How can Australia maintain and strengthen a resilient tax system that can navigate a course through the choppy seas of politics, taxpayer acceptance and economic good sense? And what would a resilient tax system look like?

14 October 2014

A group of experts discuss what issues should be foremost when reforming Australia’s federation.

13 October 2014

This panel of experts from around the globe examines the challenges of folding HIV narratives into creative work.

9 October 2014

To mark Anti-Poverty Week 2014, the Don Dunstan Foundation spoke to three people working against poverty in the Playford area to gain a better understanding of the issues people in Adelaide's north face with regard to the Commonwealth budget and the looming closure of Holden.

2 October 2014

Alastair Walton, Chairman of BKK Partners and a former Co-Chairman of Goldman Sachs Australia, discusses Australia’s financial sector in the context of global developments impacting the industry.

1 October 2014

The conference brought together experts to assess the impact of Yudhoyono's presidency on Indonesia's development.

24 September 2014

Professor Hugh White discusses the Government’s decision to commission a new Defence White Paper, and the need to understand why the last two Defence White Papers failed.

24 September 2014

Public policy reform proposals are unlikely to be implemented, and even less likely to prove resilient, unless accompanied by a compelling narrative. But compelling narratives can also be dangerous.

16 September 2014

While Australia has been a leading player in Antarctic affairs for more than a century, Australian leadership should not be taken for granted as new countries emerge as significant participants in the Antarctic treaty System.

13 September 2014

A panel of artists discusses what it means to be a 21st Century Indigenous art practitioner and how their artistic practices are helping to forge a fresh path to the future.