7 April 2014

With New Zealand forming a whole new demographic identity, what does the future hold for our neighbours?

3 April 2014

Is it possible to teach children about the importance of faith without proselytising, and if so, where should the boundaries be drawn?

27 March 2014

One of the most hotly debated and pressing moral issues in contemporary Australia surrounds the fate of asylum seekers. This video introduces a new anthology of work from 27 of the nation’s finest writers examines all aspects of this complex topic.

25 March 2014

This lecture considers the experiences of: the first great financial crisis of capitalism that of 1825; the worst experience of the Great Depression in the 1930s; and briefly the latest and possibly greatest crisis of 2007/8, in an assessment of the part central banks have played.

24 March 2014

What next for Indonesia? By any measure, the past 15 years has been a period of extraordinary progress. Yet for all the impressive gains, there is a widespread sense—especially inside Indonesia—that the early pace of progress has fallen away; and that the country is now just marking time and waiting for whatever the 2014 electoral cycle might yield.

17 March 2014

Australians are living through a period of exceptional prosperity – but commodity prices are dropping and the boom is set to end. Are we ready for the reforms and challenges that lie ahead?...

14 March 2014

Alan Finkel is an engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chancellor of Monash University.

Finkel’s pitch is a vision he calls ‘the electric

11 March 2014

Mark McMillan is a senior lecturer at Melbourne Law School, the 2013 NAIDOC scholar of the year, and a board member of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples. Here, he brings his vast...

8 March 2014

On 17 April 1993, Indigenous AFL player Nicky Winmar raised his St Kilda jersey and pointed out the colour of his skin to the Collingwood fans that had taunted him throughout the match. That...

28 February 2014


Is it time to reimagine how we learn? Should we be moving from lecture halls to e-spaces -- from books to tablets?

Technology is opening up new ways to teach and learn.