10 July 2014

Is it possible for the worlds of money and art to co-exist without the interests of one seeping into the other? Is there a method for financially supporting the arts without compromise?

8 July 2014

In this public forum, speakers discussed China's climate, energy and urbanisation policies, the US administration's latest energy and climate policy announcements, both countries' positions going into the post-2020 UN climate negotiations, and strategic implications.

26 June 2014

To mark the anniversary of Australia’s involvement in the conflict that engulfed Europe, James Brown, Military Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy examines the long-reaching effects of Australia’s military engagement.

23 June 2014

From the moment they enter the workforce, women are disadvantaged. How can this be so in a modern, democratic nation of equal opportunity? And what can be done about it?

20 June 2014

Outspoken venture capitalist Mark Carnegie discusses our civic responsibilities, or current lack thereof.

19 June 2014

The Pacific region faces a number of key transitions across range of areas including politics and democracy, development and economics, women's leadership, gender roles and relations, and the impact of technology on society.

17 June 2014

Farmers and their communities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

16 June 2014

Australian workplaces and households have changed dramatically over the past decade according to the latest data from Australia's largest nationally representative survey, HILDA. 

6 June 2014

Jeffrey Sachs discusses strategies for creating a road map on deep decarbonisation to ensure the world can have the energy that it needs for prosperity while reducing CO2 emissions drastically.

2 June 2014

Ten thousand years ago most people on the globe lived by hunting and gathering, so why did our ancestors become farmers?