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12 July 2015

This report looks at topic of libraries as publishers, with investigations mainly in the U.S. research institution context.

9 April 2015

Today’s technologies offer tremendous opportunities for authors to make their out-of-print or otherwise unavailable books more widely available. Some authors want to revive their books by creating e-books, while others may want to use print-on-demand technology or deposit their books in openly accessible repositories. This guide empowers authors to advocate on their own behalf to make their works more widely available.

15 August 2009

In June 2009, over 1000 UK research users responded to a survey about their access to and use of professional and academic information.

15 August 2009

This Research Report studies an often-neglected market segment, that of small businesses.  An online survey and individual interviews were conducted to explore the importance of information in research journals, level of use, quality of access provision, and suggestions for improvement.  Users in larger businesses and in higher education were also surveyed for comparison.

13 July 2015

An emissions reduction target of 40-60% by 2030 would be the bare minimum for Australia to keep pace with its major trading partners and do its part to tackle climate change, according to this report.

19 June 2013

Synthesising lessons relevant to the Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia, this document reviews national and international literature and experience concerning strengthening the capacity of supply side and intermediary organisations.

18 November 2014

Research produced by organisations in government, academia, NGOs and industry (grey literature) plays a key role in public policy. However, finding and accessing policy information is a time-consuming task made harder by poor production and management of resources and a lack of large-scale collection services able to host and make available relevant, high-quality resources quickly and efficiently.

29 April 2015

Despite pressures caused by digitisation and resultant piracy, copyright remains a key piece of infrastructure that supports the industries which comprise a modern economy.


1 November 2014

This study offers conservative estimates of the value and benefits to Australia of making publicly-funded research data freely available, and examines the role and contribution of data repositories and associated infrastructure.

19 June 2012

The report recommends that the U.K. embrace the transition to open access, and accelerate the process in a measured way which promotes innovation but also what is most valuable in the research communication ecosystem.


9 August 2013

The prevalence of informal publishing or grey literature in education appears to have increased as digital technologies have become main-stream, educators have become more proficient and policies have moved increasingly towards supporting its use...

The site aims to share the experiences and ideas of people who conduct and commission evaluations of all kinds, but particularly of development projects, to help raise standards of evaluation around the world.

1 April 2014

According to this UK survey, the majority of senior civil servants actively engage positively with academic outputs. However, it is also clear that a significant minority does not engage at all with academics and that many do so in fairly limited ways.

1 June 2014

This report presents a framework to help organize and drive discussions about the evolving scholarly record. The framework provides a high-level view of the categories of material the scholarly record potentially encompasses, as well as the key stakeholder roles associated with the creation, management, and use of the scholarly record.