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APO provides curatorial, editorial, publishing, design, promotion, software and other services


Curatorial & Editorial Services

APO’s curatorial services ensure your organisation’s resources, or your collection is kept up-to-date, relevant and dynamic, your profile stays fresh and your content has audience and impact. Curatorial services can be used to develop special collections, organisation profile and publishing, project resources, event or conference paper collections, for long-term hosting of a legacy collection or many other purposes.

APO curatorial services are an effective and efficient way to create an impressive online presence at a fraction of the cost of creating your own database or collection, and without the headache of long-term database management and content hosting. You gain all the benefits of APO’s large audience and distribution systems, support the growth and ongoing utility of your digital content, and support an expanded database of communal resources and the APO service. 

APO Curatorial & Editorial Services can provide:

  • Experts sourcing and cataloguing specific new content on a regular basis
  • Relevant existing content from the APO database (over 32,000 items) selected and tagged for inclusion in collections
  • Editorial support and training for staff and partners to contribute directly to APO
  • Editing and publishing of documents and materials
  • Metrics and reporting on the topic collection and editorial services

APO curatorial services may be purchased as a package for a project of work, or on a retainer basis for regular curatorial time provided over the course of the year.

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Contributors and curators based at other organisations

Organisations can provide their own staff, volunteers or networks to contribute content to APO or their collection. APO particularly encourages curators who are specialists in a particular area. Regular contributors who meet APO editorial standards are very welcome and can become 'trusted contributors' with higher level publishing permissions.

APO team members and curators may also be employed and hosted by another organisation as part of a collection agreement or partnership. We currently have curators based at the University of South Australia, and the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this option.


Metrics and analytics

As well as publicly visible metrics on page views and downloads APO can provide customised metrics dashboards and reporting for organisations and an API for research management services to report on impact and engagement of commissioned reports and other grey literature.


Custom email newsletters

Newsletters help keep readers up-to-date, drive traffic and highlight your organisation and its role as a thought leader. Customisable newsletters are available for disseminating updates on your topic collection or organisation’s content.


Research, publishing and information management services

APO has a range of skilled professionals available including information managers, developers, researchers, research translators, editors and data analysts who can provide services including report editing, desk-top publishing, publishing advice, sourcing content, cataloguing, uploading content, posting events, jobs, courses (additional charges for advertising apply), creating basic advertising images for banners or block ads, content and collection development etc. 


Open source developer opportunities

The APO database is built using Drupal, one of the most popular open source content management software systems. We welcome discussions on supporting the development of specific functionality or tools, or collaboration with other developers and computer scientists.



APO advertises events, jobs and courses for a small charge and calls and notices for free. Banner ads in the daily and weekly APO Briefings and block ads on the website are also available.

A package of advertising can be built into a collection or curatorial services agreement if required.

More information on APO’s advertising services are available here.


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