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Survey of Health and Wellbeing: Monitoring the impact of COVID-19

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Swinburne research conducted before the COVID-19 situation showed that one in four Australians reported feeling lonely.

Our social distancing and self-isolation actions to slow the spread of the pandemic have changed the way we work, communicate and relate to one another. These changes are expected to have major consequences for our relationships, health and wellbeing.

Swinburne's Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute is leading a global survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 social restrictions on the way we live, work and function. Study leader, Dr Michelle Lim is considered Australia's leading expert on loneliness and heads up the Social Health and Wellbeing Laboratory at Swinburne.

The survey will be conducted three times over the coming months. You can decide whether you participate in one, two or all three surveys.

Your information will only be accessible by the research team and will be securely stored on Swinburne servers.

The data collected will be used to develop and deliver evidence-based recommendations to help Australians navigate this crisis over the next year.