For many public sector managers, this period of ongoing crisis has had a greater impact on how you conduct your business than any other challenge you have faced in your career. The pressure to make sound decisions during this time is high, yet data is scarce, time frames are tight and the consequences of making a poor decision can be grave.

While there are no easy answers, there are strategies that can help you with risk assessment, managing complexity and transparency – and which can help inspire confidence in others.

In this online workshop, Dr Zina O’Leary will share practical approaches that will give you the confidence to quickly engage in best practice decision-making in trying times. Held over two mornings, the workshop will involve discussion, small group work and hands-on activities.

This course focuses on applied learning, and aims to develop what you can do, not just what you know. Participants will be equipped to make better, more accountable and more transparent decisions, which show their leadership capacity in times of crisis.

What will you learn?

  • How to understand and weigh competing interests
  • Engage in risk assessment and scenario planning
  • Leveraging strategies for getting stakeholders on board
  • Making sound decisions when data and information is limited
  • The importance of accountability and transparency in times of crisis
  • How to get others to accept difficult or unpopular decision

Who should register?

Executives, managers and professional staff. The course is relevant to leaders and decision-makers in the public sector, whether in program, policy or other areas, who are dealing with the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

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