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Evaluation skills for robust policy design and program development


2 Day Workshop: In-person and remote connection places available.

This program combines a comprehensive research foundation with practical exercises to embed evaluation practice in policy practitioners' and program developers' work. Essential to evidence-informed policy and critical to any program planning and development. Important to anyone who wants to design good policy.

Delivered by experienced policy professional, Nonie Malone, and highly experienced evaluation expert, Marion Norton. Build your competence to plan, commission and execute robust evaluations – essential for robust policy. This workshop shows how to develop meaningful performance measures to check that policy goals are being realised in implementation – often the missing ingredient to success.

Topics Covered:
  • Understand the role of evaluation in delivering efficient & effective outcomes for government 
  • Know how to plan for and deliver quality evaluation that is fit for purpose and audience
  • Know how to influence the authorising environment to ensure quality evaluations can occur
  • Understand and know how to select and use evaluation methodologies
  • Develop capability in commissioning and managing evaluations 
  • Gain and refine program logic skills
  • Know how to develop the evidence-base from policy idea to post-program implementation
  • Become familiar with the best information available to support your evaluation responsibilities and practice.

Participants from a previous workshop said:

“Program logic will be very useful. Framework for reporting will be a great guide and checklist for strategy reevaluation activities.”

 “Thank you very much for delivering a great workshop on evaluation.”

 “I feel I a much more capable of influencing evaluation to occur in my organisation as well as shaping it to be ‘fit for purpose’ :)”