EIS 2023 pre-summit workshop

EIS 2023 pre-summit workshop - ‘Hybrid’ studies in implementation research: what they are and why, when, and how to use them



9 OCTOBER 2023

In-Person at MCEC Melbourne | 1:00pm to 4:30pm | $180.00 p/p | Limited Tickets

Traditional evaluations that only measure effectiveness outcomes can be uninformative and potentially misleading because they do not adequately consider or test whether interventions were implemented well, nor do they test specific implementation strategies. Hybrid studies, as described by Curran and Colleagues (2012; 2022), incorporate methods that simultaneously measure both implementation and effectiveness, providing a more comprehensive understanding of interventions and how they are delivered.

In this half-day workshop, participants will learn the basics of designing Hybrid Studies building on Curran et al.'s (2012) Hybrid 1-2-3 Typology.

Learning objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of the history of Hybrid Studies and why they are such an important part of implementation research 

  2. Gain a solid understanding of the Curran and Colleagues' Hybrid 1-2-3 Typology

  3. Be exposed to the latest thinking and critiques on the Hybrid 1-2-3 Typology

  4. Learn how to identify Hybrid Studies

  5. Learn how to begin designing Hybrid Studies in applied settings

  6. Become aware of the common challenges and pitfalls to the design, execution and publication of Hybrid Studies