EIS 2023 pre-summit workshop

EIS 2023 pre-summit workshop - Implementation fundamentals for service improvement



9 OCTOBER 2023

In-Person at MCEC Melbourne | 1:00pm to 4:30pm | $180.00 p/p | Limited Tickets

This half-day workshop will benefit those seeking to improve their understanding of how to use principles, practices, and tools from implementation science to support service improvement efforts. The workshop will provide an overview of the fundamentals of implementation science for those working towards evidence-informed implementation in human services. It will be relevant for those charged with implementing evidence-informed policies, programs or services - including those working within government departments and service delivery agencies. 

The workshop will provide an overview of how implementation frameworks can be useful tools for guiding real world implementation efforts, how to select and utilise best bet implementation strategies, and how to use data to support decision making and hone implementation strategies to address barriers.

The workshop will take a pragmatic approach and consider real-world challenges facing the human services sector including limited resources, high demand for services, and workforce shortages. The workshop will also explore how to engage with stakeholders at all levels to support implementation efforts. Participants will be supported to consider how such implementation fundamentals can be applied to their current service improvement efforts.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of implementation science including principles, strategies and considerations for ‘real world’ implementation

  2. Understand how to use implementation frameworks to support service improvement

  3. Know how to select and apply ‘best bet’ implementation strategies to support service improvement

  4. Learn important techniques for engaging stakeholders in implementation efforts

  5. Understand how implementation fundamentals can be applied to your real-world/current service improvement efforts.