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Creative Approaches to Open Social Scholarship: Australasia


Creative Approaches to Open Social Scholarship is the fifth annual conference of the Canadian-Australian Partnership for Open Scholarship (CAPOS). This 2-day event seeks to highlight open social scholarship activities, infrastructure, research, dissemination, and policies.

Open social scholarship is the creation and dissemination of research and research technologies to a broad, interdisciplinary audience of specialists and non-specialists in ways that are both accessible and significant. At Creative Approaches to Open Social Scholarship we will consider how to model open social scholarship practices and behaviour, as well as pursue the following guiding themes:

  • Community: How do we best foster humanities and social sciences research, development, community building, and engagement through online, omnipresent, and open community spaces?
  • Training: How can we adapt existing training opportunities and develop new opportunities in emerging areas to meet academic, partner, and public needs for open scholarship training?
  • Connection: How can humanities and social sciences researchers collaborate more closely with the general public? What are the best ways to bring the public into our work, as well as for bringing our work to the public?
  • Policy: How do we ensure that research on pressing open scholarship topics is accessible to a diverse public, including those who develop organizational or national policy?

We invite you to register for this event to join the conversation and mobilize collaboration in and around digital scholarship.