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The E.G. Whitlam Research Fellowship has been established for the purpose of promoting research in Australian politics and public policy that demonstrates the contemporary relevance of the values and policies that informed Gough Whitlam’s social democratic vision to 21st Century Australia.

The Whitlam Institute calls for applications from candidates with a demonstrable interest in any aspect, historic or contemporary, of the policy agenda of the Whitlam Government. It is expected that the proposed research will contribute to the Institute’s current objectives of strengthening Australia’s engagement in the world and securing the future of Australian democracy.

The E.G Whitlam Research Fellow will have the opportunity to work on a project that has clear strategic relevance to the Whitlam Institute’s broader public policy program in line with Whitlam’s vision for the Institute to pursue ‘the great and continuing work of building a more equal, open, tolerant and independent Australia’.

The successful candidate would be expected to:

  • Make an intellectual and/or strategic contribution to the development of the Institute’s programs;
  • Contribute to the Institute’s policy-related activities including research workshops, forums or public conversations on a specific topic;
  • Produce written work of a quality suitable for publication by the Whitlam Institute and for a peer reviewed journal article with the acknowledgement of the Institute.

It is hoped that the Fellowship will provide the basis for an ongoing relationship with the Institute as part of its wider network of scholars and policy-makers. 

The duration of the fellowship will be from two to six months and must be completed within the 2021 calendar year. It will be funded up to the value of AUD $30,000 which can cover a combination of stipend (in accordance with policy), travel, and accommodation as needed and demonstrated in a supporting budget proposal.

Candidates will be expected to have an established research track record and a Ph.D. in a related field.

In order to be considered for this position, please attach the following to your application: 

  • A one to two page (maximum) statement of your proposed research to be undertaken during the term of the Fellowship, intended outcomes and outputs, why you are interested and what it is you would bring to the Whitlam Institute during your visit;
  • an indicative budget proposal;
  • a complete curriculum vitae;
  • two of your most relevant (journal length) publications;

Additional information on the Fellowship can be obtained by contacting or the Director Leanne Smith, on +61 (02) 9685 9210.

Applications close at 8:30pm, 5 March 2021.