Family Violence: policies, evidence, communities and actions

This Collection is part of a Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) project LE180100094 Linked semantic platforms for social and physical infrastructure and wellbeing funded by the Australian Government, through the Australian Research Council.


  • of research, policy and evaluation relevant to the design and implementation of activities which prevent and tackle family violence.
  • of developments in research, policies and actions since the Royal Commission into Family Violence
  • of policy-relevant resources that relate to current and emerging issues in Australia. 

A valuable resource

  • for communities, policy researchers, advisers, decision-makers and academics in their roles.


  • collated and curated key policy-relevant resources.
  • the most valuable and relevant material and resources, so that they are searchable and accessible through one platform.
  • policy and research reports, presentations and guides and summaries, editorial and opinion articles, infographics and multimedia, datasets.


  • on community attitudes and responses to violence against women.
  • the relationship of gender issues to policy and program development tackling family violence.
  • the evaluation of initiatives and programs that relate to this focus. 
Collection Advisor
Professor Jane Farmer, Swinburne University