Good design for better health, wellbeing and care

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  • collates key policy-relevant resources relevant to the role of design and planning in supporting good health and the prevention of illness, workplace wellbeing and the delivery of personalised care and health care services.  
  • includes policy and research reports, presentations and guides and summaries, editorial and opinion articles,  infographics and multimedia, datasets which are pertinent to current deliberations in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.
  • supports communities, design practitioners, policy researchers, advisers, decision-makers and academics in their roles and brings together the most valuable and relevant material and resources, so that they are easily accessible and utilised.

Design for Health and Wellbeing has been supported since 2018 by the Division of Education Arts and Social Sciences at the University of South Australia


Collection Advisors

Prof Ian Gwilt, University of South Australia

Dr Tessa Bailey, University of South Australia



Good design for better health, wellbeing and care

Conference paper

3 Sep 2018

This paper reports on a UK-funded research project on designing for people living with advanced dementia using mixed methodology research and evaluation.

Conference paper

3 Sep 2018

Government bodies create programs encouraging seniors to remain active and independent for maintaining quality of life. Typically, councils engage design studios to design active ageing programs where the designer/client interaction is paramount. This study aimed to find out what happens when taking the time to...

Conference paper

3 Sep 2018

This paper demonstrates an emotion-led design approach, and associated co-design methods, intended to help create medical waiting rooms where patients feel welcomed and cared-for.

Conference paper

3 Sep 2018

Providing patients with information about their medicines is an essential part of a therapy. This paper discusses six perspectives for the design of information for patients.

Conference paper

3 Sep 2018

This paper presents the main findings from designing and testing a prototype of a robotic device for stroke rehabilitation; including ease of use, how acceptance and initiation of use were implemented.

Journal article

3 Sep 2018

This research explored residential aged care (RAC) workplace design features that influence how RAC staff feel valued, productive, safe, like they belong and connected. A secondary aim was to validate emerging themes about RAC design features with stakeholders.

Journal article

13 Aug 2018

This paper describes the process of developing Step-by-Step and highlights particular design features aimed at increasing feasibility of implementation in a wide variety of settings.


What we’ve learnt about learning
10 Aug 2018

This paper is authored by Simon Barlow, of UnLtd – Transform Ageing partners.

This paper explores how combining developmental and theory-based evaluation approaches can provide space for learning and accountability in innovative programmes.

It draws on our experience in Transform Ageing and makes...


Why UK research and innovation needs a greater diversity of priorities, politics, places and people
12 Jul 2018

This report sets out why and how the United Kingdom needs to escape the biomedical bubble if it is to realise the economic, social and health potential of new investment in research and development.

Journal article

5 Jul 2018

While relocatable, prefabricated learning environments have formed an important component of school infrastructure in Australia, prefabrication for permanent school buildings is a new and emerging field. This review of prefabrication for schools is timely. In 2017, Australia’s two largest state education departments committed to prefabrication...


28 Jun 2018

Two years after launching the award-winning Cool Streets project in Sydney’s Blacktown, Libby Gallagher remains a staunch advocate for the role that street trees play in mitigating the impacts of climate change and making better cities.

Read the full article at Foreground

Conference proceedings

26 Jun 2018

The resource has links to video presentations from the Behavioural Exchange conference which ran in June 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

Opening Plenary: Why Behavioural Insights Matters

Martin Parkinson

Keynote Address: Ethics and Behavioural Insights



25 Jun 2018

Covering roofs and walls of buildings with vegetation is a good way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And these green roofs and walls make cities look nicer. Toronto’s central business district adopted a policy of establishing green roofs on around half of all city buildings...

Briefing paper

22 Jun 2018

This discussion paper is to inform a new City of Melbourne Transport Strategy to 2050. A draft strategy will be released for consultation in 2018.

Journal article

19 Jun 2018

Whilst there is an extensive body of research on the social and environmental concerns associated with private car usage and the role of the built environment and urban form in sustainable travel, there is limited focus on children’s active contribution to these trends, both as...


18 Jun 2018

Building on Australia’s strengths in robot talent and technologies in niche application areas, this roadmap acts as a guide to how Australia can support a vibrant robotics industry that supports automation across all sectors of the Australian economy.


13 Jun 2018

Digital health technology has the potential to transform the way we deliver and receive health and social care. Advances in digital technology provide a tangible opportunity to improve health care quality, consumer outcomes and experience.

Blog post

1 Jun 2018

While much media reporting portrays technology as a cause of social withdrawal, a research project by Dementia Australia, Lifeview Residential Care and Swinburne University’s Future Self and Design Living Lab is enhancing communication between people with dementia and their visitors using an iPad.


Conference paper

30 May 2018

Falls are a significant problem for older adults which affect their ability to maintain their independence and remain living at home. Home modifications are a common method to prevent falls. Fall prevention service providers follow the Australian Standard 1428.1 Design for access and mobility as...

Conference proceedings

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Design4Health 2017, Melbourne Cricket Ground, 4 - 7 Dec 2017, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
30 May 2018

Design4Health is an international conference that brings together designers, health professionals and creative practitioners with researchers, clinicians, policy makers and users from across the world to discuss, disseminate and test their approaches and methods in the ever-changing nexus between design and health.