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Leading people through disruption series


Our public services are dealing with a period of almost unprecedented change and disruption, which is testing the skills of leaders and reinforcing the value of inclusive, supportive models of leadership.

ANZSOG’s Dr Jo Cribb is one of the youngest people ever appointed as a chief executive in the New Zealand public service. She has focused on some of the most difficult social issues of our time including child abuse, child poverty, family violence, and vulnerable women.

In a series of three webinars, experienced Chief Executive, board director, strategist, gender and policy expert, Jo Cribb will show you practical, research-based strategies to adjust your leadership style and support staff in the ‘new normal’. She will also demonstrate the value of being an inclusive leader and building an inclusive culture. You will learn how to maintain inclusive leadership under pressure as well as how best to lead during a crisis.

Things are not going to settle down any time soon, so why not expand your leadership toolkit to help you deal with the ‘new normal’?

Leading people through disruption – 25 August 2020

Being an inclusive leader under pressure – 3 September 2020

Building an inclusive culture during crises – 17 September 2020