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Authentic leadership for the path ahead


Good leaders are made not born, and the best leaders go beyond management expertise and bring their authentic selves into their leadership. Dr Dana Born’s two-day online workshop will show you how to build your leadership abilities throughout your lifetime and help you take control of your career.

You will learn to shift your leadership focus from “I” to ‘we”, use your own personal story to shape your leadership style and discover that authentic leadership is about leading by example and empowering others.

Dr Born – a lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and distinguished former military leader – will help you understand your personal story, how to find your leadership purpose and how to lead effectively.

This ANZSOG virtual program will provide you with ideas, techniques and tools to grow your self-awareness, develop a ‘learning mindset’ and assist you in your leadership development journey.

What is holding you back from reaching your distinctive leadership potential?

“Fantastic timing considering I am at a point of transition in my career. Fantastic food for thought, new perspectives and a chance to speak my inner voice.”

- Former workshop participant

What will you learn?

Over two days, Dr Born will guide you through case studies, individual exercises, debates and small-group discussions. You will create a leadership purpose statement to launch your own “true north” development plan.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • have reflected on your leadership journey and the crucibles that have shaped you by examining your life story and experiences
  • understand why leaders lose their way and the self-awareness needed to avoid this
  • have explored how to build support teams and lead an integrated life
  • understand the purpose of your leadership and empower other leaders, while optimising your own leadership effectiveness.

Date: 24 – 28 August 2020

Time: 10 am – 12:30 pm AEST