Australian Journal of General Practice

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A brief review of global climate change and the public health consequences

This article seeks to examine briefly the association between fossil fuels and global climate change, the consequent environmental changes and the predicted public health effects.
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Interpreting evidence in general practice: bias and conflicts of interest

Sponsorship of research and education occurs commonly in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food and drink industries. The aim of this article is to alert GPs to the risk of bias in research and education funded by for-profit organisations, and to provide strategies to avoid...
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How common is multiple general practice attendance in Australia?

This article finds that a significant proportion of general practice care is delivered away from usual practices, which may have implications for health policy, in terms of continuity and quality of primary care.
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e-Therapy in primary care mental health

General practitioners need to learn more about low-intensity online interventions to better meet the needs of patients of lower severity.
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A review of tinnitus

The aim of this article is to define and provide guidelines on causes, assessment, appropriate investigation and management of tinnitus.