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Population growth: what do Australian voters want?

Over two thirds of Australian voters are against population growth according to new data from the 2009 - 2010 Australian Survey of Social Attitudes.
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Queensland remains a population magnet

While there was a relative lull in the late 1990s, Queensland's population growth has resumed its earlier rapidity. In the past the main driver was immigration from other states, chiefly New South Wales and, to a lesser extent, Victoria. Now overseas immigration to Queensland is...
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Out-migration: young Victorians and the family farm

Studies of the out migration of young people from rural areas rely heavily on the push and pull factors of the need to move for higher education and jobs. But the broad brush picture these studies provide misses much of the complexity of the young...
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Attracting skilled migrants to regional areas: what does it take?

For some time government policy has tried to encourage permanent migrants to settle outside the major cities in so-called regional areas. This policy has met with limited success (even though the term 'regional' has often included Melbourne). In 2003 the policy was extended to temporary...
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The Two-speed Australian Economy - the Decline of Sydney's Labour Market

Australia is experiencing a two-speed economy in which New South Wales and Sydney are doing poorly in comparison to the mining regions of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Several factors contributing to the two-speed phenomenon: the terms of trade for base metal commodities...