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Policy Design and Practice



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RegTech and creating public value: opportunities and challenges

Whether deployed within the private or public sectors, regulatory technology (RegTech) holds significant potential to improve regulatory compliance, reduce compliance costs, and improve the speed and accuracy with which known harms can be addressed and emerging risks can be identified.
Journal article

Research and education in public sector practice: a systems approach to understanding policy impact

This article outlines how a systems thinking approach can aid understanding of research and education impact on government practice.
Journal article

Are research-policy engagement activities informed by policy theory and evidence? 7 challenges to the UK impact agenda

This article seek to answer the question - in what should we invest if we seek to maximise the impact of research?
Journal article

Building inherently impactful research programs: the role of organizational context

Much impact research focuses on how individual scholars can influence policy outcomes, leading to recommendations about how individual researchers can be more entrepreneurial and engage with policy cycles in innovative ways. This article presents a case study on the experiences of the Department of Pacific...
Journal article

Enhancing impact: a model for policy development research

The Policy Development Research Model (PDRM) integrates the traditionally separate processes of evidence-building and policy development into one set of practices. This article describes how the PDRM enhances policy impact by improving two-way knowledge transfer between academic researchers and policy-makers and practitioners.
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